Tara Crushing Adversaries

Arya-pramardini-Tara, Tara Crushing Adversaries (Rgol ba ‘jobs pa’i Sgrol ma)

Homage to her, who by TRAT and PHAT
Vanquishes evil forces conjured by magic.
Right leg bent, extended left leg trampling,
She destroys them completely with intense blazing fire.

On a yellow lotus and sun, from TU appears Black Tara with one face and four arms, wearing yellow garments, fierce, with upward streaming hair. Her right hands hold wheel and sword. Her left hands are in the threatening gesture and hold a lotus with vajra upon it. The lord of the type is Ratnasambhava.

Iconography by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.

All images of the 21 Taras by Indian artist VV Sarpar.
Khyentse Foundation.