Tara Victorious Ushnisha

Arya-tathagatoshnishi-Tara, Tara Victorious Ushnisha (Gtsug tor rnam rgyal ma’i Sgrol ma), for neutralizing lethal poisons

Homage to you her, who moves in endless victory
The crown jewel of the Tathagatas.
Having obtained all transcendent virtues,
The sons of the Jinas take her support.

On a lotus and moon, from TUT appears Yellow Tārā with one face and four arms. Her right hands are in the wish-granting gesture and hold a rosary. Her left hands hold water-jug and club.

Iconography by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.

All images of the 21 Taras by Indian artist VV Sarpar.
Khyentse Foundation.