Lady of the Lotus-Born: The Life and Enlightenment of Yeshe Tsogyal

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“From the mouth of a lotus was born

The swift goddess, heroic liberator

Who went forth in human form

Amid the snowy mountains of Tibet”







The Lady of the Lotus-Born mastered both suchness and sacredness ‘with a fully merciful heart’.

Yeshe Tsogyal’s realization of the feminine wisdom principle is what merited her ability to transmute pain and suffering instantaneously into wisdom openness.  She was able to fully open to whatever was arising directly and completely without hesitation nor judgment. She was able to produce the blessings of Instant Liberation.

This classical text is not only a biography but also an inspiring example of how the Buddha’s teaching can be put into practice.  There is no better narrative than this that illustrates The Way of The Bodhisattva by Shantideva than this life story of Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal.


To discover who Yeshe Tsogyal was one may begin by entering the world of this book, but what is begun is but a lifetimes journey into the nature of one’s own being.

‘If you know me, you know that I reside in the hearts of all beings.
Just summon me and I will return!’

~ Yeshe Tsogyal


‘Please be happy.
When you understand the dualistic mind,
there will be no separation from me.’

~ Yeshe Tsogyal