Tibetan Yogini Film Campaign Update

With Arya Tara’s blessings… LATEST UPDATE, AUGUST 14, 2017:  We are virtually at our final goal now to meet all production needs.  $8680 of $9375 total has been raised, with only $695 to go.  170 donors from around the world have contributed,…

Commitment To Tara

Commitment to Tara "Strengthened by your love, I will follow your supreme example. Inspired by you, I will break the bonds of petty selfhood. Guided by you, I will never desert living beings, Nor retreat from seeing others as friends…

Motherhood and Dharma – The Rocky Road To Wisdom

I’m sitting in bed right now, listening to my sleeping son breathing. He’s right where he belongs this night. It’s peaceful, it’s quiet, there’s a crazy eclipse occurring, and I am wide AWAKE. So I’m thinking about him and the…