Tibetan Yogini Film Campaign Update

With Arya Tara’s blessings… The Yogini Project is so grateful for all the support of our Tibetan Yogini Film Production campaign. You make the difference! So far $5.9K has been donated by 109 donors to date, with 5.6K social shares now. UPDATE…

Commitment To Tara

Commitment to Tara "Strengthened by your love, I will follow your supreme example. Inspired by you, I will break the bonds of petty selfhood. Guided by you, I will never desert living beings, Nor retreat from seeing others as friends…

Motherhood and Dharma – The Rocky Road To Wisdom

I’m sitting in bed right now, listening to my sleeping son breathing. He’s right where he belongs this night. It’s peaceful, it’s quiet, there’s a crazy eclipse occurring, and I am wide AWAKE. So I’m thinking about him and the…