The Enthronement of Jetsunma Jamyang Drolma

Jetsunma Jamyang Drolma 1

We are happy to announce the enthronement as Jetsunma today (in 3 hours!) of Jetsunma Jamyang Drolma by Tulku Sang-Ngak Rinpoche in Pharping, Nepal.

We, The Yogini Project, had a lovely meeting and interview with Jetsunma yesterday and she displayed all the qualities of steady clarity, the warmth of bodhichitta and an extremely unpretentious strength of being.

Jetsunma finished 9 years of complete Shedra training at Namdrolling in South India and has just recently emerged from 7 years of retreat at Tulku Sang-Ngak Rinpoche’s retreat center in Pharping. She is presently the Vajra Master for the retreatants at this retreat center, and is on the way to complete her aspiration to complete 10 years in retreat.

We imagined that an enthronement in the West like this would have a vast myriad of beings in a flurry, but Jetsunma was completely at ease and unassuming. Just as she is, just as it is.

She commented that the enthronement creates the positive conditions for the genuine Dharma she has to share to be heard.


Her advice to women practicing around the world today:

“My words of encouragement for women, for that to be given for women in the East, it is to have confidence and encourage them that they can accomplish Dharma just like the men; but in the West you have already realized the equality of women and men sometime ago, so I do not have to really encourage you – you already know that.

So my heart advice will be to really be kind-hearted, to be a good hearted person. Whether you are Buddhist or not – there is really no need for me to convince anyone to become a Buddhist. If your mind is very pure and always has positive thinking, this is good – try not to ever go into the side of negative thinking! For example, if you find that someone looks at you and you think “Do they mean something bad to me? Do they think something bad about me?” Don’t even go into that! Just smile back. Just be pure. As pure as you can. Your heart should be pure and really open to everyone. So smile back at people that you think might not like you. This is something that you have, that’s possible. We can all totally be a kind hearted person with positive thinking and pure heart. Everyone is able to do that, whether you are Buddhist or not. This is my heart advice.”

Sarva mangalam. May the benefit extend to the sky.


See images below of the enthronement ceremony

February 25th, 2015 by Tulku Sang-Ngak Rinpoche in Pharping, Nepal

Emaho, a new Jetsunma, crystal clear, is amongst us!