Tibetan Yogini Campaign – Heartfelt Thanks, Almost There!

We wish to thank heartfully all the forces seen and unseen, beings known and unknown, who have guided and supported this work.

There’s a unique devotion and inspiration involved in witnessing and supporting the blossoming and awakening of the feminine. A radical awe at the all inclusive love and blessings of the mother wisdom dakinis. Their compassion in ways both humble and vast are a continual teaching. Truly all beings have buddha nature, luminous impartial compassion, at their core. May we witness a dropping of the veils, accomplished so through dedicated practice, so that the inherent clarity and wisdom of beings shines more and more in our times. May we all be free to witness and honor each other.

Praise be.

Update:  We have raised $7268 of $9000 to date!  Please help us reach our goal in this next week til the end of Vesak month, June 24th!  Support today:


Blossoming Times!

As we came out of a period of retreat and the time came to produce our Tibetan Yogini material, with each step in the process in our studios, as interview after interview becomes worked through to completion, unsuspected doors open. We have multiple events coming into development, a host of new interview possibilities, and the seeds of our Yogini Fund to support women in retreat coming into development. Things are just blossoming organically.

So we would like to thank again graciously all that have, are, or will be supporting this work. All things being interdependent, even the smallest gestures have a way to leading to big things. We are well through most of our Tibetan material now and approaching several new interviews in the editing room. This has been created by YOU.

To date, our Tibetan Yogini Film Production campaign has raised $7268 of $9000 needed through:

46 $10 donors
25 $25 donors
24 $50 donors
3 $75 donors
30 $108 donors !!
and 1x $1000 donor

And many more intervals in between. All shall be receiving Yogini Archives access to be able to enjoy all the material in its depths.

If you have been inspired or encouraged by our media, by our images, by our interviews and films, please join the mandala today and support in reaching our goal!

You make wisdom accessible, women in practice visible, and more interviews possible!!  You are the difference.


With deep bows, and love!


*Image: Ma Machig Labdrön, the ‘One Mother’