Upcoming At The Yogini Project

Upcoming At The Yogini Project, Spring 2017:

After a winter of primarily retreat, we are returning to the editing room this late spring to subtitle and produce a series of interviews, mostly with Tibetan yoginis, from our video archives from filming the first round of our film ‘Women On The Path‘.

Interviews featured will be:

* Jetsunma Jamyang Drolma of Pharping
(interviewed the day before her enthronement)

* Ani Gyen Tara at Nagi Gompa

* Ani Bumchang, a cave yogini at Tso Pema
(telling the story of Mandarava)

* Ani Konchog Drolma and Pema Yangki
(Tsoknyi Nangchen nuns from Tsoknyi Gechak Ling in the Kathmandu Valley)

* Lama Shenpen Hookham

* Marcia Dechen Schmidt

* Tsunma Aileen from DGL Nunnery
(Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo’s nunnery)

and… potentially interviews with two of the first Geshemas at Kopan Nunnery in Nepal

**A Go-Fund-Me crowdfundraiser will be launched in latter March to support outsource and in-house production costs to our produce timecodes, translations, subtitling, editing and other final post-production work on these interviews that span the Himalayas from the Kathmandu Valley to caves above Tso Pema.

The full interviews will be released to The Yogini Archives and previews of each to our public Yogini Channel at YouTube.  All supporters will receive Yogini Archives access, duration based on level of support.

  • Photograph at top from Mandarava’s Cave, Tso Pema, Northern India.  In our interview with Ani Bumchang, a nun who has lived for decades in a cave above Guru Rinpoche’s cave at Tso Pema, she tells the story of Mandarava, with little glimpses in her eyes, her expressions of her accomplishment – the story itself is a teaching.
  • Bottom photo:  Ani Gyen Tara in the late Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s practice room at Nagi Gompa above the Kathmandu Valley, where our Women On The Path interview took place.

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