Jomo Memo

“This teacher was known as a tulku of Yeshe Tsogyal.  When she was five, her mother died and she had to tend the domestic animals.  One day, in a vision, Vajravarahi Buddha, entrusting her with a sacred text, empowered her, wherewith she enjoyed a sacred feast with the assembly of practitioners.  Since that time, a stream of sacred teachings burst spontaneously from her with no need of learning.  She continually danced and sang sacred dances and songs as if she were a born dancer and singer.  She was able to see what thoughts people were having.  She became the consort of the great terton Guru Chowang, and they helped each other to decode sacred ter teachings.  Wandering in many places in South, West, and Central Tibet, she served many beings.  Finally, at the age of only thirty-six, accompanied by two realized attendants, they flew up into the sky higher and higher and went toward Zangdog Palri without leaving their bodies behind.  Nomadic girls and boys tending domestic animals in nearby grassy valleys saw them flyging away.  Children picked up and ate the remains of the feast offerings that they left, and these caused all of them to experience a deep meditative state.”

Source:  “Incarnation” by Tulku Thondup Rinpoche