Homage to You: Queen of the Full Moon
who dwells in darkness and emerges from light.
Through my body, speech and mind,
I give homage to You,
the One of the skull garland.

Without doubt and hesitation
I bow down before You!!
Oh Terrible and compassionate One
You who subjugate of all malevolent forces
sovereign of the Pure Land,
hear me:
grant me power and protection
to achieve the Supreme Siddhi.

Great Master of the Red Lotus
blood-drinker and flesh-eater,
You of the vajra body
and primordial wisdom.
You of the lion roar:
emptiness is your speech,
vacuity is your body
awareness is your mind.

Queen of mountains and charnel grounds,
your breath melts the obscurations of my mind
and your laugh make my enemies tremble.
You are the source… the path… and the goal!
Lady of lust and luxury,
Queen of Great Bliss:
your arrows turn weakness into power,
hopeless into faith
desire into enlightenment.

Oh Splendorous and Magnificent One!
Oh Great Kurukulla of Uddiyana,
I welcome You with great devotion!!

Written by Verónica Rivas.

Image of Kurukulle by Soyolmaa Davaakhuu.