Prajnaparamita, mother of the three times victors,
Arya Tara, liberator of all beings through compassion,
magnetizer of the three realms through passion,

With one face and four arms, the clear color of ruby red,
Through your smiling expression, my mind gains the confidence of a sattva [bodhisattva-hero],
To excellently accomplish the purpose of the doctrine and beings.

Water of the eight qualities for drinking and bathing,
Fragrant varieties of lovely flora,
The light of the extremely illuminating sun, moon, and butter lamps, equal to space,
Scented water that generates pleasure and majesty,
Celestial delicacies of one hundred flavors, and the pleasing sounds of musical instruments,
A gathering of outer, inner, and secret offerings, like the emanations of Samantabhadra,
To fill the regions of space without exception
Are offered to the glorious, blazing assembly of the lovely Arya Tara,

May the two accumulations be perfected and the two obscurations fully purified.
May there be victory over the hordes of obstacle-creating maras.
With your hand emblems, the iron hook and lasso of light,
May I magnetize all sentient beings,
And with the bow of upāya and the arrow of prajna drawn,
Along with the forces of the eight-branch path of the Aryas,
May I place all beings on the ground of definitive liberation.

For the time being, may everyone enjoy the Dharma, prosperity,
And longevity, and may glory and abundance be ever-increasing.
May the purpose of the doctrine and living beings be accomplished without exception!

I, Kongtrul Jigme, (Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche), wrote this down with the prayer that the blessings of Arya Tara will reach meaningful fruition.

Translated by Lama Chonam & Sangye Khandro.

Source: Dakini Activity: The Dynamic Play of Awakening.