An Open Letter to The Yogini Project Community

Blessing Prayers 13

We would like to thank all of the supporters of our Yogini Membership campaign this past Aug -Sept 2015 (credits below). 

Without you our media which has touched so many simply would not be possible. 

Indeed the campaign was to meet the minimum that is necessary to continue our activities.

Meeting this minimal goal provides the base for the work and projects as outlined specifically on our Projects Overview and Yogini Membership pages on our website.  With the scale of our work as it has grown, we have needed to expand for some time.  The intent with a successful campaign is to both hire and bring in additional interns into The Yogini Project team this autumn to meet our organizational and media projects fundamental needs.  There is a logistical minimum that is needed to continue this work as it is and to extend the team to meet it’s needs.

We have launched our 500 x 10 Membership Campaign so to have an accessible way for anyone who values our work and wishes to see it continue for themselves and others to be able to support, even at a minimal $10 (9 euros/6.5 british pounds)/month.  While 500 members may seem a large number of beings to support in a month, it is indeed merely slightly over 1.5% of our social media community.  There are frequently people who support at higher levels, $25 or $250/month, and a $250 level counts as 25 people towards our goal.  It is very feasible.

If you value The Yogini Project media and wish to see it continue, do please consider supporting at even a minimal level at this time.

Become a Supporting Member now

We encourage those that support our work in sharing directly, not just with social shares, with at least 10 others of those likewise who may be benefited by and supportive of our work.

With the success of the campaign, all the specific projects as transparently displayed on our website will –  at least at a minimal level  – be sufficiently funded, most specifically our Women on the Path film.  They would all continue as laid out in our Projects Overview timeline.

Should the minimum to continue our activities not be reached by the end of the 30 day campaign, we will indeed have to lay the project aside until again conditions are favorable.  Our primary film project, social media etc. would be placed on hiatus for at least one year.

What would still be maintained and preserved in this case would be:

The Yogini Project website, as is
Dakini As Art website and galleries, at its present state
The Yogini Archives – exclusive full interview footage for members access, fulfilling all of their support

blessings_cover_largeAlso prior to a potential hiatus will be the final output of our featurette on Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s work with the Tsoknyi Nepal Nuns, to attend our completed translations of the film “Blessings” in 7 languages.  This will be offered to Rinpoche, and to potential sponsors to produce the Dvds and online streaming of these translations.

Definitely all those who have and will support over the course of this campaign will gain exclusive access to the immense treasure of interview footage recorded to date, as it is able to be released.

Tsoknyi Rinpoche, the inspiration behind and the spiritual guide for the project, emphasized from the very beginning to “Just do it,” to make sure always that it did not remain an idea but was of direct benefit, and that all is disclosed transparently.  We have done just that, and indeed all that has been accomplished is offered and dedicated to him and his continual benefit of beings.

Indeed I am very proud of all our team has done these past years to create inspiring media and lay the foundation for all of our major projects.  All is in place and the team is capable.  All is clear and disclosed.  All that is required to proceed is sufficient, steady funding.

What is important to emphasize is that this film and the other primary projects are leading to a degree of exposure and support towards establishing our end goal, The Yogini Fund, to support women in long and short term retreat.  This end point is so worthy.

Only women with confidence, properly inspired, encouraged, and tangibly supported will truly fulfill the path as the Yoginis of our day, the natural outcome of their realization being a world-shifting benefit of beings.

It has been our deep honor to be able to support the global Dharma community and specifically women in practice these last years.

We are dedicated to continue any of this work now and in the future when the sufficient funding to support its activities is in place.

These lines are expressed with immense gratitude to anyone who has let what we do touch their lives; to any who have been inspired and brought that to practice.  Gratitude goes to all the yoginis of past, present, and future.  And deep respect and gratitude to all the individuals who have worked as part of our team, most in selfless service, who have created so much beauty and good from the heart.

I rejoice in any benefit created, past present and future, by our actions and dedicate it wholeheartedly without bias or reservation to beings as vast as the sky.

In dharma,
Michael Ash

Founder / Creative Director
The Yogini Project

Update:  Our Yogini Membership campaign from August 15th – September 15th, 2015 raised almost 20% of what we would need to meet all the needs for all our primary projects currently in development.  It is an excellent base from which our administrative and content teams can work.  We will by necessity need to run periodic fundraisers for specific project at key moments of their development such as our present ART for Blessings campaign through Dakini As Art to support post-production in January 2016 for our Blessings: International Version project.

We have new members every month and people who are inspired by our work may join as members at any time.  All rewards as per our Yogini Membership apply to any one year minimum memberships.

See here for more on our Membership Goals

This is what each level of your community monthly donations tangibly supports.