Whenever I encounter difficulties, Tara always resolves them all. Whenever I encounter difficulties in whatever I do, Tara takes care of them. I have nothing else to rely on. No matter what happens, I don’t think about anything, I only pray to Tara. I never think, “I should do this or that.”

When I was very young, at the age of seven, I entered the monastery. Then I stayed in prison for twenty years. When I was released from prison, I had lost my parents, but I still had relatives at home. My relatives were not too bad off, so I stayed with them first, because I couldn’t go to Gar Monastery. But I said that I would go to the monastery, even at the cost of my life. There was no place to stay at the monastery; there was no house. There was only one small house left that had not been demolished, and I stayed there because I wanted to serve the Buddhadharma, and that is what I have been doing ever since. I have encountered various difficulties, some bigger and some smaller, while engaging in these activities.

Whenever I encounter any difficulty, I just pray to Tara and think only, “If it works out it, works out; and if not, then not.” I pray to Tara with single-pointed mind. Sometimes things do go wrong, but a lot also gets accomplished. Now I’m completely purified, ready to die. Later, when I die, I will put myself into the hands of Tara; I have committed a lot of misdeeds. In any case, whether I still live or die, I pray to Tara, and I tell all my friends, “Pray to the deity.”

Garchen Rinpoche, from “How Tara Saved My Life Eight Times”, translated by Ina Trinley Wangmo and edited by Kay Candler in 2018.