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Seeing Trauma In A Different Way

Trauma is a strong word that we usually associate with extreme suffering. But trauma can also be insidious and hard to recognize. In fact, it is doubtful whether anyone gets through life without some trauma. We experience trauma when we can’t remove ourselves from a dangerous or unhealthy situation or relationship, when we are overwhelmed […]


Meeting Ani Choying Drolma

The woman bearing down on me does not look like a nun. Instead of traditional robes and simple sandals, she wears a mustard-yellow polo shirt, white sports shoes suited for fast movement, a wide-brimmed sun visor, and an oversize pair of sunglasses. She could pass for an amateur golfer. The visor and sunglasses, she explains […]


Brief Windhorse Practice of Tara

Through the blessing and power of the unfailing Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and of Jetsunma, Mother of the buddhas, Noble Tara, May our lifespan, merit, prosperity and renown Increase like a waxing moon, like a rising summer lake. Especially may our good fortune, wangtang and windhorse Be healed when they weaken, rejoined when interrupted, raised […]


Natural Warmth Of Your Heart

Before we can know what natural warmth really is, often we must experience loss. We go along for years moving through our days, propelled by habit, taking life pretty much for granted. Then we or someone dear to us has an accident or gets seriously ill, and it’s as if blinders have been removed from […]


Dakini’s Twilight Language

During his lifetime, the 8th-century Tantric master Guru Padmasambhava and his consort Yeshe Tsogyal concealed countless treasures known as terma for the benefit of future generations. These treasures were hidden in different landscapes to help keep the Buddhadharma pure and responsive to the needs of the times. Among these treasures, there are many gonters, or […]

Happy News From Tibetan Nuns Project

2019 Geshema Exams Completed In early August, 51 Tibetan Buddhist nuns sat various levels of the 4-year Geshema exams. The Geshema degree (Geshe for monks) is the highest degree in their tradition and is equivalent to a Ph.D. in Tibetan Buddhism. The nuns received over 100 messages of good luck from our friends around the […]


How We Pray To Tara

From a teaching on Tara given by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche at Deer Park Institute in Bir, India, 2 April 2017 “The most important prayer in the Arya Tara is when you are praying: “Make me you.” Basically that’s what you are saying. “Make me you. Make me you. Make me and you inseparable. Make you […]


Understanding The Five Wisdom Dakinis

In order to understand the five wisdom dakinis we have to go way back to the beginning, to the basic split. The split is between “I” and “others.” This is the beginning of the “ego.” The ego sees everything dualistically, there is a space which is “here” and which is “me” and “mine” and another […]

The Story Of Sangye Khandro

Sangye Khandro is a wonderful example of a truly dedicated Buddhist practitioner and translator. She studied Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan language under the guidance of Tibetan masters in India and Nepal. She has translated and mastered many important Tibetan Buddhist texts. She is a co-founder of Light of Berotsana, a nonprofit organization for translators of […]

Interview With Dagmola Jamyang Sakya

Dagmola Jamyang Sakya was born in a small village called Thalung in Jekundo in the Province of Kham. She fondly remembers her blissful childhood, spending summertime with the nomads and wintertime at home with her family. Her uncle, a reincarnate lama, admitted her to a school run by a private teacher, where all the other […]

The Story Of Ani Dominique

Christine Toomey, a journalist and an author, tells a story of Ani Dominique Tenzin Yiudjuk, a Buddhist nun, currently living in Kathmandu, Nepal, which gives a glimpse into the challenges faced by Westerners becoming Buddhist nuns and into the attraction that such a different way of life holds. “It has been raining heavily the night […]


Prayer to Khandro Tsering Chödrön

Namo guravé! Homage to the lama! Outwardly, you are Sarasvati, the daughter of Brahma, Inwardly, you are the youthful lady Tara, Secretly, you are the innate Vajravarahi, You who embody them all—the dakini of the Lakar family—may you reign supreme! The great master of Orgyen knows all past, present and future, and with his vajra […]

The Heart Essence of the Sublime Lady of Immortality

Chimé Pakmé Nyingtik (‘The Heart Essence of the Sublime Lady of Immortality’) is a long life practice discovered as mind terma by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo in 1855. It features a mandala of White Tara (in the form of White Tara Wishfulfilling Wheel) in union with the Lord of the Dance, who is sometimes said to […]

Resting Mind In Natural Truth

“Resting the mind in a deepened awareness of the natural truth is the whole emphasis of all the various Buddhist teachings, whether in the Theravada tradition, the Zen tradition, or particularly the analytical approach of shamatha, vipashyana, and mahayana Madhyamika school. We see it later, with further elaboration, in the various trainings of Mahamudra and […]