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A Free Heart

The sun shines and she freely cleaves the sky With wings spread, she slides through the furrows left by the wind Beyond conventions, she goes beyond limits and against the tide A smile appears on her face in front of the beauty of nature and its spontaneity Her heart dances with joy the dance of […]


The Yogini Project Now

YOGINI PROJECT NOW – SUMMER FUNDRAISER 2018 The Yogini Project is expanding this summer.  After 6 years of groundbreaking media releases in support of women in Buddhist practice, Inspiration of millions through our social media channels, and extensive platform building, this summer is a threshold for the project, a coming of age.  As we prepare […]


The Nagi Gompa Nuns

On The Nagi Gompa Nuns “For me, the most inspiring thing about the Nagi nuns is that they are always practicing.  Whatever activity it is they are doing around the nunnery, the more time that I would spend with them the more I could see, it is not normal activity for them when they are […]


The Story of the Lion-Faced Dakini or ‘Sengdongma’

“The Lion-Faced Dakini is appropriate for clearing obstacles of the most pervasive and malignant kind, and cutting through the “three poisons” of mind. This ancient practice has been important in Tibetan Buddhism since the time of Padmasambhava. She is particularly focused on pacifying the destructive influence of the Mamos, the forces of disturbed “yin” or […]


New Positions at The Yogini Project

New Positions at The Yogini Project From April 15th – May 5th, we will be accepting online applications to join The Yogini Project content team.  There is one position for Content Director and one for Content Team.  Responsibilities will include: Content Director Oversee content quality and distribution across The Yogini Project’s media channels – website, […]


The Dakini, Remover Of All Obstacles

“The dakini is the remover of all obstacles. The dakini is a female buddha, such as Samantabhadri, the five female buddhas, the eight female bodhisattvas, and so forth. The dakini is the root that dispels all obstacles. The dakinis and the dharmapalas comprise the root of activities and this activity is extremely swift.” ~ Tulku […]

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The Story Of Mandarava Released

ANI BUMCHUNG: THE LIFE OF MANDARAVA Our interview with the lovely yogini Ani Bumchung is live! Ani-la here tells the story of Princess Mandarava and Guru Rinpoche from her cave at Tso Pema, just above Padmasambhava’s cave and the Lotus Lake down below. Full interview including heart advice from this accomplished, hidden yogini: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/theyoginiarchives May […]

Basic Nature

“Basic nature is free from the mistaken view of thinking that projections are very important.”  ~ Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche ‘Following in the Footsteps of Great Teachers and Bodhisattvas’ May all dwell in this simple wisdom. #dakiniday, #khandrorinpoche, #freedom, #basicnature, #femalebodhisattva, #theyoginiproject


Homage To Tara In Twenty-One Verses

OM Noble and exalted Tara, I bow to you.   Homage to Tara, swift and courageous, Who dispels all fears by the syllables TUTTARE The savioress who bestows all benefit by TURE, With the syllables of homage, SOHA, I bow to you.   Homage to Tara, swift and courageous, Whose gaze is as quick as […]


Yogini Production Update, October ’17

October 2017: Yogini Project Production Update Thank you again to all those who supported our crowdfundraiser this spring/summer 2017 to produce and subtitle our Tibetan yogini material. It is coming to light thanks to you all. NANGCHEN NUNS – released, july 2017 JETSUNMA JAMYANG DROLMA – released, november 2017 ANI BUMCHUNG – in final editing, […]


There Are Male & Female Buddhas

“There are male and female Buddhas just as there are male and female people. There are many female Buddhas, not just Tara and Vajrayogini; there are so many female deities! For some people it is much easier to practice female deities. It depends on one’s own karmic connections. For some, female deities are more suited, […]