An Aspirational Prayer to Behold the Beautiful Face of Khechari
by Tsarchen Losal Gyatso

Namo Vajra Chandaliye!
From the dance of bliss-emptiness of limitless conquerors,
Appearing as many visual illusions of samsara-nirvana;
Henceforth, now, glorious Khechari, Attractive One,
With my heartfelt recollection, protect with a joyful loving embrace.

In Akanistha is the innate Mother of the conquerors,
At the twenty-four places — the realm born dakinis,
Pervasive wealth-holders — karmamudras;
Holy One, be the Refuge Lord of me the yogi.

You are the manifestation of my own mind of emptiness,
The actual VAM in the E space of the vajra city;
As a frightful raksasi of the island of illusion and
A bright smiling youth — clearly revealed.

I, not having found anything determined to be
Truly established, although searching, however much;
The mind of that person wearied by elaborations,
Takes rest in the forest shelter free of expression.

Ema! Now Dakini, arise from space; from the Sri Heruka,
King of Tantras, protect by the truth of the saying;
Accomplishment is through reciting the excellent
Near-essence mantra of the Vajra Queen.

In a secluded forest of Oddiyana,
After protecting the lord of siddhas, Vajra Ghantapa;
With the bliss of an embrace and kiss,
[You] led to the realm of Khechara; likewise also protect me.

From an island in the Ganga, the holy Kushali
Was actually led to the expanse of space,
And after, glorious Naropa was taken; likewise
Lead me also to Khechara, the city of Joyful Ones.

Through the compassion of the root and lineage [gurus] and the
Superior swift path of the profound, ultimate secret, great Tantra;
With the power of a pure unusual attitude, may I the yogi,
Quickly see the smiling face of the Joyful One, Khechari.

Translated by The Lotsawa House.