Arya Tara 30

Happy dakini day from The Yogini Project and the Arya Tara nuns!

Kunsang, Nyimsang, Yonten, and Karma, 4 young nuns from Ani Choying Drolma’s Arya Tara School near Pharping, Nepal, aged 15-17, practice and perform Vajrayogini in the Charya Nritya tradition at the Arya Tara school and at a Akasha-Yogini (Sky Yogini) Temple near Swayambhu, Nepal during TYP ‘Women On The Path’ shoots on February 28th and March 4th, 2015.

Pictures are indeed worth more than a thousand words!

These self-possessed, bold and elegant young dakini’s presence, power, beauty and interdependence through the dance sing through these images.

Arya Tara 15

When asked what it feels like to be Vajrayogini in an interview with the nuns, they responded:


‘Like being free. I feel free.’

‘Now when obstacles or negative situations come to me or others, I do not feel fear. I feel they cannot affect us anymore.’

Respect and love to Ani Choying Drolma for creating the space, and context with guidance and a tremendously positive role models for these young nuns to blossom. She is photographed here from a recent TYP interview in Kathmandu, March 10th (excerpts forthcoming.)

Indeed, a happy dakini day to all. May all taste what it is to have Vajrayogini dwelling and dancing within.