Reciting the Praises to the 21 Taras may be very helpful in everyday life. Usually we pray to Tara in very difficult situations because she helps us very quickly, with utmost love and care. If you rely on Tara you will receive all the support and protection you need.

The 21 Forms of Tara represent her potentiality, with each of them helping to overcome some specific obstacle. For example, relatively different manifestations of Tara can help you to nurture compassion; develop intelligence; increase merit, fortune and prosperity; prolong life span; conquer or bring something under control; eliminate negative forces; grant protection during thunderstorms and lightening; gain control over hostility and pacify quarrels; liberate from all fears; succeed in all situations; overcome poverty and adversities; establish prosperity of the country you live in; overcome negative influences; purify karmic debts; destroy magic spells; protect during travel; save from poisons; disperse bad dreams and omens; protect from illnesses; and support and guide in helping others.

On the absolute level each form of Tara represents the path to total liberation from suffering and achieving Buddhahood, e.g. enlightenment.

The Praises to the 21 Taras are very unique and special as reciting them with devotion you activate the functions of all the forms of Tara at one time and in this way you quickly receive all blessings, wisdom, siddhis, and all your wishes come true.

In the original text after the Praises to the 21 Taras you can find the description of the their benefits (translated into English by Khenpo Tenzin Norgey).

The wise one endowed with pure respect for the goddess,
Who recites these praises with perfect devotion
Remembering her in the evening and upon waking at dawn,
Will be endowed with complete freedom from fear.

All their sins will be pacified,
Causing destruction to all lower realms.
And the seven million Victorious Ones
Will quickly grant them empowerment.
Thus, they will attain greatness, and progress
To the stage of Buddhahood.

By remembering Her, the most violent poisons
Abiding in the earth or in beings
Whether eaten or drunk
Will be completely removed.

This can eliminate various sufferings
Inflicted by the spirits, epidemics, and poisons
Even if done for the sake of other beings.

On sincerely reciting twice, three times, and seven times
The wish to have child will be fulfilled
And the desire for wealth can be achieved.
All the wishes will be fulfilled,
Every hindrance destroyed in its turn.

The Full 21 Praises To Tara

Image: 21 Taras in Suryagupta Tradition of Atisha, Rubin Museum of Art.