Meeting the Great Bliss Queen: Buddhism, Feminism, & the Art of the Self

Meeting-the-Great-Bliss-Queen-Klein-AnneDespite the daunting barriers of geography and language that separate them, Buddhism and contemporary feminism have much to say to each other. Buddhist practices such as mindfulness (in which calm centering and keen awareness of change coexist) and compassion (in which the self is recognized as both powerful in itself and interdependently connected with all others) can be important resources for contemporary women, while feminism can expand the traditional horizons of Buddhist concerns to include social, historical, and psychological issues. The image and ritual of the Great Bliss Queen, an important Buddhist figure of enlightenment, form the unifying theme of this book, Meeting the Great Bliss Queen, modeling the practices and theory that can assist each of us in being at one with ourselves and fully engaged with others.

Written by Anne Carolyn Klein.