Yogini Project Budget: January 2020

Our current operating budget supports our ongoing online media.

Total Budget Monthly: $515

  • Online media, site and social media – Content Director’s salary $500
  • Platform integrations and email –  $15

Over the last several years, our primary fundraising and distribution was directed to Dakini Song film development, our renowned interview series with accomplished women in Buddhist practice globally, and website and social media content and expansion.

Dakini Song is now an independent film production whose proceeds shall be recycled back to the project to support our online media over the years to come, as below.

As production begins for Dakini Song, funding is budgeted and secured to support for our online content team over the years of production.  As such, as of December 2019 we have paused all public online donations until the establishment of our Yogini Fund in 2022-2023.  Current online media is by service, in part supported by art sales at Dakini As Art.

Thank you to all those who kindly supported over the years.

Dakini Song

Our multiyear film project Dakini Song to film women in meditation practice in 23 countries around the globe has just finished its development phase and is now becoming independent, being passed on to a group of professional co-producers and their production companies.

In over 6 years of research and development in all the locations we will film in on 5 continents, The Yogini Project invested $37,500+ in this inspiring film project.  $27,000 in funds are budgeted to be recycled back into TYP during the first year of filming as a return on this investment, supporting our ongoing online media over the years to come.

25% of film and its extended series proceeds are to be directed to our Yogini Fund supporting women in dedicated retreat to be launched with the film’s release.

Dakini As Art

Dakini As Art, online art galleries dedicated to the dakini in art, representing 25 practitioning artists worldwide, is another renowned project developed and launched by The Yogini Project.  Now approaching its 5th anniversary since its founding in late November 2014, Dakini As Art became an independent project in October 2019.

Dakini As Art will continue to support both the activities of The Yogini Project’s Content Team and the film Dakini Song.  20% of art sale proceeds will be distributed to each project alternately, based on greater need in the moment.

To date, Dakini As Art has raised $32,750 in support of TYP’s activities.

Public Disclosure

The Yogini Project’s Fiscal Sponsor: Inquiring Systems, Inc.

Since 2013, The Yogini Project operated as a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization in the United States under the auspices of it’s umbrella organization, Inquiring Systems, Inc. A small percentage of revenue raised (7% and under) has gone to ISI in exchange for it’s administrative services.  For US donors:  Through December 2019, your contribution is tax-deductible as allowed by law.  Your tax documents will bear ISI’s name. Our tax identification number for this period has been 94-2524840 (EIN).

Having secured support for our content team for the next years going forward and so presently pausing all public online fundraising, we are likewise completing our relationship with ISI from December 2019.

The Yogini Project media will continue, with public fundraising being resumed in 2022-2023 with the launch of a Yogini Fund.