We are pleased to announce that now three amazing professional female cinematographers have come into the Dakini Song film crew over the last two weeks.

Their vision, talent and experience are perfect for this unique film. This leaves one experienced sound technician to come in to our crew for filming, potentially starting in Nepal this Autumn.

We are now entering the advanced stages of pre-production for this feature film telling the story of inspiring women engaged in meditation practice around the world (more below).  Our network continues to grow around the globe to bring this extraordinary film – to be filmed in 20 countries – to big screens worldwide.

But there is still much more ahead til filming can begin.

We are looking for 7 generous $500 donors and 25 kind $108 donors by July 21st to raise a minimum of $5000 in support of the intensive months ahead bringing DAKINI SONG to production. 

First shoots are slated for Nepal, Argentina, France and Spain over the next year.


Donate $500

GOAL: $5000

Donate $108


Please kindly support at
$500  ||  $250  ||  $108
any amount you wish
to bring this amazing film to light.


What remains:

  • Ongoing equipment research and testing (potentially filming on Arri cinematic cameras)
  • An upcoming, essential trip to California for meetings with current crew and potential producers
  • Preliminary shooting to refine style and technique prior to first shoots
  • Logistics development for the first 3 shoots – in Nepal, Argentina, and US/Europe
  • Ongoing grant development and writing (we are applying to over 15 grants to fund filming expenses)
  • And more! This is a short list of the primary tasks ahead.

We are counting on our extensive social networks for The Yogini Project to fund the pre-production steps ahead, with significant grant and private donor support covering the $75K budget for equipment and filming expenses for our first 6 months of filming.

Look forward to more details in upcoming newsletters, a Dakini Song website, and a further pre-production crowdfundraiser to come later this month.

Dakini Song Synopsis