UPDATE – OCTOBER 30, 2019:

Thanks to our generous supporters,
The film is very much in motion now

It’s like the dakinis are opening all the doors now with amazing synchronicities lately. 

We have had an amazing producer and excellent new film crew come into Dakini Song film team this past month.  Now in advanced development stages for this feature film telling the story of women engaged in meditation practice around the world – to be filmed in 23 countries and 5 continents!  Preliminary filming is slated to begin in December in Mexico.

Thank you for your kindness! We reached 102% of our summer grassroots fundraising goal. 

Those wishing to continue to support our ongoing efforts towards production, you may kindly do so below.


GOAL: $5000


First shoots to be in Mexico, Argentina, Nepal, France and Spain over the next nine months.

Thank you to all those supporting!  Feel free to support Dakini Song at…

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