In Praise of Prajñaparamita


I prostrate to Bhagavatı Aryaprajñaparamita.

I pay homage to you, Prajñaparamita,
Boundless and nonconceptual,
All your limbs without a flaw,
Beheld by the flawless ones you are.

Just like space, you are spotless,
Free from reference points, and without words.
Whoever sees you as you really are
Beholds the Tathagata.

Between you, so rich in noble qualities,
And the Buddha, the guru of the world,
No difference can be seen at all,
Just as with the moon and its light.

You loving, dedicated mother,
Those compassionate in nature who resort to you,
O herald of the buddhadharmas,
Will reach unequalled magnanimity with ease.

Whoever duly looks at you
With a pure heart only once
Will attain siddhi then for sure,
O you so fruitful to behold.

You are the caring mother,
Giving birth and nourishment
To all these heroes with their hearts in love
With just the welfare of all others.

The Buddhas, these gurus of the world,
Full of compassion, are your sons.
Thus, O Lady fair and good,
You are the Grandmother of all beings.

All immaculate paramitas,
O Lady without blame,
Surround you at all times,
Just as the stars do with the moon.

Considering beings to be guided,
Single one in many forms
You are praised by the Tathagatas
Everywhere and with all kinds of names.

Just as when those drops of dew
Are met by the sun’s warm light,
Once they fall upon you,
Opponents’ flaws and qualms are gone.

In naive beings, you engender fear—
To them, you appear just terrifying.
To the wise, you grant your comfort—
To them, you appear so mild and gentle.

Those who do not have attachment
Even for you, their protectress,
O mother, how should they then feel
Desire or aversion for anything else?

You do not come from anywhere,
Nor do you go some place.
In all locations there may be,
The wise ones never will see you.

Those who, thus, don’t see you
Will attain you in reality.
Having attained you, they’re released,
Which is a marvel really great indeed!

Whoever sees you is in bondage
And whoever doesn’t see is bound as well.
Whoever sees you is released
And whoever doesn’t is released as well.

Ah, how wonderful you are,
So illustrious and profound.
So hard to realize, just like an illusion,
You are seen and unseen too.

All Buddhas, Pratyekabuddhas, and Sravakas
Put their trust in none but you.
you alone are liberation’s path—
There are no others, that’s for sure.

For the sake of sentient beings,
Out of compassion, the protectors of the world
Speak of you in customary terms
But never speak [of you].

Who here would be able praising you,
Featureless, so pure and simple,
Beyond the reaches of all speech,
And not supported anywhere?

Still we praise you on the seeming level
By what’s possible in our speech like this.
Though you cannot be extolled at all,
We find mental ease through this.

Through the good I have accumulated
By my praise of Prajñaparamita,
May the whole world be devoted to
Prajñaparamita unmatched!

In Praise to Prajñaparamita” by Rahulabhadra
(translated by Karl Brunnholzl in “Straight to the Heart”)

*Image: ‘Standing Prajnaparamita‘ by Tara DiGesu