Vajrayogini is a manifestation of ultimate wisdom and compassion. She aids in the transformation of mundane experience into higher levels of spiritual understanding. She is most commonly depicted dancing naked while holding a skull-cup containing the blood of ego in one hand and a curved knife to cut to the essence of things in the other. She often wears a garland of human skulls or severed heads.

In his oral commentary on Vajrayogini the great non-sectarian master Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, whose words were recorded by the Gelugpa writer Ngawang Damcho Gyatso, says:

What are the different divisions of Vajrayogini?

There is the secret Vajrayogini; that is none other than the primordial base-of-all of all sentient beings, the clear light mind that has been pure from the beginning. In interdependence with that, there is there is the inner Vajrayogini [taking the form of] a short A, or in this system a VAM syllable, in the middle of a triangular [matrix of] channel-knots at the navel. In dependence on this there is the co-emergent sambhogakaya Vajrayogini who abides in the Akanishta heaven, arising as an appearance of the outer nirvana and samsara. There are the field-born nirmanakaya [vajrayoginis] that abide in the twenty-four, thirty-two etc. sacred places of Jambudvipa. And, all the women who abide in various countries and locations are the karma-born dakinis.”

Vajrayogini Mandala


“She Blazes In Two Ways”

Cutting Through To The Groundless Ground