Vasudhara is a bestower of sustenance, abundance, and lavish well-being. Her name means ‘Stream of Treasure,’ ‘Flow of Wealth,’ or ‘Shower of Gold.’ She is a rich, warm harvest gold, the color of the sun as it crests the horizon, ripening grain and fruit, and the glitter of jewelry and coins. She is as bountiful as the earth as she pours forth her treasures in whatever form her devotees require, be it agricultural fertility, wealth, or wisdom. Her golden color signifies her enriching, nourishing, and ultimately enlightening presence. Vasudhara is the doorkeeper to an invisible realm that can magically materialize riches for those who know the incantations and rites of propitiation. Her compassionate heart, overflowing with love for all beings, gives rise to an endless stream of generosity. Thus, it cannot be a mystery why, once introduced, the lady of plenty occupied a permanent place in the hearts of lay devotees and the repertoire of monastic and yogic specialists.”

~ from “Buddhist Goddesses of India” by Miranda Shaw