2019 Geshema Exams Completed

In early August, 51 Tibetan Buddhist nuns sat various levels of the 4-year Geshema exams. The Geshema degree (Geshe for monks) is the highest degree in their tradition and is equivalent to a Ph.D. in Tibetan Buddhism. The nuns received over 100 messages of good luck from our friends around the world. Results will be posted this fall. All being well, there will be 7 new Geshemas.

Update on the Emergency at Shugsep Nunnery

Thank you! In July we told you about a crisis at Shugsep Nunnery and Institute. A huge tree fell and crushed part of the roof and heavy monsoon rains threatened to flood the library and ground floor. You came to the rescue and the repairs are funded! Once we get the final repair photos, we’ll share more news.

Dorjee Zong Nunnery and the school bus

In case you missed it, our latest blog post takes you on a trip to Dorjee Zong Nunnery in dramatic Zanskar through the beautiful photos of Olivier Adam. This 700-year-old nunnery is one of the oldest centers of monastic education in the area and has a long tradition of meditating nuns, some famed for high levels of realization. You’ll be happy to know that on August 20th generous supporters fully funded the school bus for the nunnery. Now the young nuns will be able to continue their education beyond Grade 5. Thank you to everyone who helped with the school bus. We’ll report back as soon as possible.

Nuns and Nunneries Empowered with Cameras

Last year’s Media Equipment project aimed to provide all 7 nunneries we support in India with simple point-and-shoot cameras and other essential equipment so that the nuns can document important events and tell their own stories. This summer, nuns were trained on how to use the cameras by the Nuns’ Media Team and by a volunteer Tibetan photographer. We look forward to sharing more photos and video clips with you of life at the nunneries.


Photo credits: Photos 1, 2, and 4 courtesy of the Nuns’ Media Team. Photo 3 from Dorjee Zong Nunnery courtesy of Olivier Adam.

From the Tibetan Nuns Project mail list.