Homage and praise to her
who serves the aim of beings by understanding,
by unwavering deeds and constant changelessness,
to the one-headed four-armed one,
who is as brilliant as a thousand suns radiating red light.

Homage and praise to her
the goddess arisen from HRIH,
the red-colored four-armed one,
whose hands hold arrow and bow,
who grasps an iron hook.

Homage and praise to her
whose light blazes like the flames that destroy the world,
who is one-headed, three-eyed,
whose hair blazes upward reddish yellow,
who grasps a lotus flower.

Homage and praise to her
who stands in the dancing pose
haughty with furious rage,
who has a diadem of five skulls,
who bears a tiger’s skin.

I pay homage to the red one,
baring her fangs, whose body is frightful,
who is adorned with the five signs of ferocity,
whose necklace is half a hundred human heads,
who is the conqueress of Mara.

I pay homage to her
who from the commingling of vowels and consonants
is enlightened, ever delighting in Bliss,
whose diadem is Amitabha,
who is pleased with dancing.

Homage to her
who fixes the eye with bow and arrow,
who subjugates with the lotus flower;
whose iron hook draws forth from the swamp of defilement,
the four-armed enemy of Mara!

~ The Hymn to the Goddess Kurukulla by the great magician Dombi-heruka from The Cult of Tara: Magic and Ritual in Tibet by Stephan Beyer