Noble and exalted Tara,
I bow to you.


Homage to Tara, swift and courageous,
Who dispels all fears by the syllables TUTTARE
The savioress who bestows all benefit by TURE,
With the syllables of homage, SOHA, I bow to you.


Homage to Tara, swift and courageous,
Whose gaze is as quick as a flash of lightning,
Who, on a tear from the face of the Protector of the Three Worlds [Chenrezig],
Arose from a billionfold lotus pistil.




Homage to her, whose face is like a gathering
Of one hundred autumn full moons,
Who, like a cluster of a thousand stars,
Blazes light illuminating everything.




Homage to her, adorned by a lotus,
Whose hand is holding a golden blue lotus.
Perseverance, fortitude, and giving,
Patience, and samadhi are the scope of her action.




Homage to you her, who moves in endless victory
The crown jewel of the Tathagatas.
Having obtained all transcendent virtues,
The sons of the Jinas take her support.




Homage to her, who by the syllables TUTTARE and HUNG
Fills all space, directions, and realms of desire.
While trampling the seven worlds under her feet,
She brings all and everything under her control.




Homage to her, whom Indra, Agni, and Brahma,
Marut and Vishveshvara all worship.
Ghosts, zombies, ghandaravas, ganas, and yakshas
All pay tribute before her.




Homage to her, who by TRAT and PHAT
Vanquishes evil forces conjured by magic.
Right leg bent, extended left leg trampling,
She destroys them completely with intense blazing fire.




Homage to her, the swift fearsome one,
Who vanquishes the most tenacious of maras.
When she knits her brows on her lotus face,
She defeats all enemies, without exception.




Homage to her, whose fingers adorn your heart.
With the gesture of the Sublime Precious Three,
Adorned with a wheel striking all directions without exception
With the totality of your own rays of light.




Homage to you, Tara, whose fingers adorn her heart,
In the mudra of the Three Jewels.
Her own light-beams fill her,
Ornamenting all directional wheels.




Homage to her, who spreads boundless joy
From the sparkling garland of lights on her crown.
With great peals of laughter from the syllables TUTTARE,
She brings demons and the world under her control.




Homage to her who can summon forth
The assembly of all earth’s protectors.
By the wrathful quake of the HUNG in her frown,
She completely liberates all destitute beings.




Homage to her, whose crescent-moon tiara
And jeweled ornaments sparkle brilliantly,
Who from Amitabha atop her vast stream of hair,
Floods forth immense rays of light.




Homage to her, engulfed in a fire like the kalpa’s end,
Who sits in the midst of a wreath of flames.
Right leg stretched and left leg bent, she defeats all enemies
Of those who rejoice when the dharma wheel turns.




Homage to her, who strikes the earth with her palms,
And crushes it mightily under her feet,
Who by HUNG and her wrathful glare,
Rules the beings of the sevenfold worlds.




Homage to her, blissful, virtuous, and peaceful mother,
Whose activity is nirvana’s sphere of tranquility.
By the flawless expression of SOHA and OM,
She overcomes even the greatest of evils.




Homage to her who smashes
The bodies of the enemies that imprison joy,
Illuminated by the awareness of HUNG,
Arranged within a mantra of ten syllables.




Homage to the Swift One: When she stamps her foot,
Her seed in the form of the syllable HUNG
Shakes the three worlds
And Mount Meru, Mandara, and Vindya.




Homage to her in whose hands is placed the one who bears a deer mark
In the shape of a godly lake.
She annuls every poison
With the twice-uttered TARA and the sound of PHAT.




Homage to her, served by the ruler of the host of deities,
By gods and kinnaras.
The dazzling brightness, her armor of joy,
Dispels all quarrels and nightmares.




Homage to her, like the full sun and moon,
Whose two eyes shine with blazing light.
By TUTTARE together with HARA recited twice,
She eliminates even the vilest sickness.



Homage to her,endowed with the power to perfectly pacify
Through the arrangement of the three syllables of suchness.
The crowds of demons, zombies, and yakshas
Are suppressed by TURE, the supreme mother.


These are the praises with the root mantra and the twenty-one verses of homage.



Source:  Homage In Twenty-One Verses Tantra (Praises to the 21 Taras)
translation by Marcia Dechen Wangmo
from The Tara Compendium