From a teaching on Tara given by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche at Deer Park Institute in Bir, India, 2 April 2017

“The most important prayer in the Arya Tara is when you are praying: “Make me you.” Basically that’s what you are saying. “Make me you. Make me you. Make me and you inseparable. Make you me. Make me you.” You understand? That’s the prayer that you have to have been doing.

But since you are this pathetic, whiny, dualistic being who still wants to look up to the 21 Taras on the throne, and remain this pathetic, useless, sort of this strange person who is smelly, who is not good, then you do the other prayers. Then we pray, “Please think as a mother to her only child.” Another great thing about Arya Tara at this time is that Arya Tara comes in the form of feminine. The female is open, receptive, forgiving. Tara always sorts of understands, she has this motherly, sisterly, kind of energy. This is what we are trying to take advantage of here. So we say, “Yes, please look upon me as your only child.” You should do that. I actually do this more than the previous one I was just telling you.

And not only now, from now until enlightenment, look upon me. Guard me, nurse me, guide me, nurture me, protect me. Pinch me. Not in a kinky way, I know what some of you are thinking. Look upon me like as I’m your only child and fulfill my wishes.

But also think: May this wish eventually be in accord with the dharma. Whatever the wish you have — to be beautiful, good looking, rich, powerful, fast, slow, thin, fat, it doesn’t matter. May I become really chubby and voluptuous. But then you add: So that I can maybe get the attention of certain people, and then this person forever will ever be indebted to me so that he or she will become a victim of my bodhicitta. You wish that whatever wish you have will eventually be in accord with the dharma. And then, of course, wish that relative bodhicitta and the ultimate bodhicitta grow within you, effortlessly.

May the non-virtuous thoughts and actions never come and even if they come, please let them not stay long. Let them be short. And may my life be long, healthy, and prosperous. May my meditation have realization and experience. And please protect me from the fear of temporary dangers such as — I don’t know — all kinds of natural disasters, earthquakes, landslides. And also protect me from the very big danger, the danger of samsara. Even things like, may I not have bad dreams. And then may this earth be peaceful and harmonious. May this country be peaceful and harmonious and may the world be peaceful and harmonious. May the leaders who actually lead the nations do so according to the law of cause and condition. Whatever they plan, may they be successful. And those who are devoted to dharma, may they live long, may they be prosperous. May war and famine dissolve or be pacified. May the study and the practice of the dharma prevail. May the holders of the dharma, the gurus, live long. And may they be free from obstacles. And may the dharma of the Buddha remain on this earth. So these are what you should be praying for.”

Source: Khyentse Foundation.