Khachodling is the life’s work of spiritual training and activity for Khandro Thrinlay Chodon, great granddaughter of Drubwang Shakya Shri. It has manifested in a series of projects that are united by a strong spiritual purpose.

“In essence, I don’t have a fixed vision. I believe in the wisdom of the Dakinis. This is not to do with the male or female physical body. We focus on wherever we feel there is a need to reach out. Especially in the east, women need to manifest, as the culture has held this back.

Our Khachodling projects include education (male and female), hermitages for women and medical services — all for the Himalayan areas. We support the mentoring of children in learning the wisdom and love of their Himalayan heritage. On Sundays at my home in Manali we have classes to teach children. Their parents often also join because many of them have not had the opportunity to really understand their spiritual heritage. I don’t just believe in intellectual intelligence. Spiritual and emotional intelligence is also very important in the overall development of the child.

Kha in Buddhism means sky or spacious dimension. So Khachodling is the pure land of the feminine, the blissful Dakini.

I have travelled across the world and seen and met people at all levels. I have seen people so discontented! People with big houses can feel empty inside. It is so important to connect to your inner strength. No matter how much you progress outwardly, inside, if you are empty, then that’s unfortunate.

Khachodling’s entire work revolves around the essence of emptiness and compassion. Emptiness is the base from which all compassion arises.

We each have a huge responsibility just being born as a human being on this planet. That responsibility is to ourselves, to our children and to our planet. It’s time to RECOGNISE this, but not get overwhelmed by the scale of the task.

RELAX into the genuine motivation of the task.

RELEASE all your fears and come to yourself. Then REJOICE in yourself — but don’t get fixated, don’t blame yourself and don’t let dissatisfaction take hold and connect to your essence.

This I call ‘a goalless journey’. I am a strong believer in karma and am therefore not in a hurry. We don’t have to do big things. Even one small act undertaken with compassionate, clear and wise intention is much more powerful than billions of meaningless projects completed.

Simplify and contain. I like to micro-focus on small things, like taking care of my diet. I find it important to consolidate and strengthen the beneficial things I have done so far.”

~ Khandro Thrinley Chodon from her interview to Beauty Launchpad India.

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