Meditate upon the Teacher as the glow of your awareness.
When you melt and mingle mutually together,
Taste that vast expanse of nonduality.
There remain.

And if you know me, Yeshe Tsogyal,
Mistress of samsara and nirvana,
You will find me dwelling in the heart of every being.
The elements and senses are my emanations,
And emanated thence, I am the twelvefold chain of co-production:
Thus primordially we never separate.

~ Yeshe Tsogyal

In the dharmakaya‘s stainless space Yeshe Tsogyal is Kuntuzangmo, infinite and noble femininity itself. As the feminine aspect in the sambhogakaya, Yeshe Tsogyal is the Five Wisdom-Consorts. She is the nirmanakaya‘s multitude of forms; she appears as a Tara, Sarasvati, princess, ordinary girl, business woman, prostitute and so on. Also, she was born in Tibet as the daughter of the Prince of Kharchen, as her life story tells.

Tibet’s Great Guru, Padmasambhava, possessed countless Dakinis. Appearing like gathering clouds, they accomplished his wisdom action. Among those countless Dakinis five were prominent: Monmo Tashi Khyeudren, Belwong Kalasiddhi, Belmo Sakya Devi and the two supreme consorts, Mandarava and Yeshe Tsogyal.

‘Yeshe Tsogyal is the perfect vessel to contain the essence of the precious tantric teaching,’ Padmasambhava declared. And when Trisong Detsen, the King of Tibet, received initiation, he offered Yeshe Tsogyal, his Queen, together with the measureless universal mandala to the Great Guru. After that she accompanied him unswervingly, serving him continuously, giving her Body, Speech and Mind completely.

The Guru gave Tsogyal the teaching for the suffering people of this coming degenerate kaliyuga. Tsogyal gathered all his speech carefully together, and after systematising it she hid it as secret treasure-troves. She hid it externally in different elements, and internally she hid it in the depths of mind. Each separate treasure included a prediction of the time of its discovery and the person who would find it. Thanks to Padmasambhava and Yeshe Tsogyal we are using Yeshe Tsogyal’ s treasures today.

~ Trinley Norbu Rinpoche, from his Introduction to “Sky Dancer” by Keith Dowman

Yeshe Tsogyal quote from “Lady of the Lotus-Born

Image: Courtesy of Jnanasukha Foundation.