Illustrated is Mahasiddha Lawapa, also sometimes known as Lavapa or Kambala. He is depicted deep in meditation upon the Clear Light. To his side a Dakini manifests. She urges him on to transcend the meditiative stage known as Black Near Attainment, and to arise into the final goal of the Clear light.

This image is about the outer, inner and secret forms of the Dakini. She comes to the yogi in each of these three forms; as a person, as Kundalini, and as the wisdom of emptiness, the Clear Light.

The images shows the outer form as the Dakini on the left, someone we could meet. The inner form is the flame which she offers the yogi. The secret form is represent by the rainbow above the yogi. The rainbow is a metaphor for his own non-conceptual perception of emptiness, and for the Body of Illusion. She holds her right hand in the mudra of teaching, showing her benevolent purpose of perpetually teaching the Dharma.

Art and text by Ben Christian.