Dear Yogini Project Community,

Over the last 8 and a half years, it has been our great pleasure to provide inspiring content to the global dharma community.  The work has reached millions, touching and transforming many lives.  Having fulfilled all our primary projects, we are ready to move on to new endeavors and to deepen our practices.  As of this Friday, we shall be bringing our activities as The Yogini Project to completion, with all online content from website to social media and video platforms being dissolved at weekend’s end.  It’s had its radiant day in the sun, to the benefit of a vast many around the globe.

We would like to take this moment to honor all the many people who contributed to the project, from filmmakers to translators, who through hard work and sacrifice, accomplished so much over the years.  We also want to thank from the depths of our heart, all our supporters, friends, and followers who made these vivid accomplishments possible and kept the Yogini Project community so vital and alive.

We pray that all beings may realize their true nature.  May every being feel throughly confident to embody this nature, whatever their contemporary context.  May we all be shining lights unto another, with simply love, without bias.

May all beings know peace.

With love,