Khandro Tare Lhamo and Namtrul Rinpoche were two contemporary tertöns (“treasure revealers”), who lived in Tibet in modern times.  They together helped propagate the Buddhadharma in Eastern Tibet, assisting in its restoration and development after the Cultural Revolution. Between 1978 and 1980, this Buddhist tantric couple exchanged 56 love letters, having awoken their unwavering connection from many lifetimes since when she was Yeshe Tsogyal and he Namkhai Nyingpo, the closest disciples of Padmasambhava. Here is a wonderful example of their pure and inspirational love poetry.

Namtrul Rinpoche’s letter to Tare Lhamo

Loving and affectionate one, radiance of my heart,
Our connection from previous lives dawns in mind.
Happy and sad, tears fall as a steady stream of rain.

In the turquoise valley of an unwavering mind,
The lotus of faith and stainless samaya blooms,
Free from the harm of obstructing conditions like frost,
As the means, honey nectar of profound secret mantra.

An array of disciples and attendants
Is the wish of the unequalled father guru,
The aspiration of protector Orgyan Padma,
The oath of mother warriors and dakinis.

These are scribbles, whatever arose in mind,
By the slightly impetuous madman priest, Tse.
Incomparable friend, Tarpo, steady in intent,
Please speak frankly, whatever comes to mind, no secrets!

With shared karma and wishes, we are spiritual supports:
The peerless companion, lovely goddess of emptiness,
And the supreme method, the varja liberating all.

By the power of your immeasurable kindness,
My life, merit and sphere of influence are increased.
Faith is an ever-ripening of fruit on the tree of compassion.

E ma ho! As the result of the two benefits
One obtains the jewel of the twofold noble family.
Friend, even though I don’t mean to flatter you,
The meaning is: you have special qualities.

May your eternal body be protected by Amitayus,
Your unceasing speech sustained by Sarasvati,
Your unwavering mind guarded by Vajrapani.
May all your aims, wishes, and desires be fulfilled!

Tare Lhamo responds to Namtrul Rinpoche

One hundred times a day,
I recall the spiritual support;
My congenial friend comes to mind.
The sketch of past lives becomes clearer;
Mind yearning, my fondness increases.

“Separation” is the heart being ripped out.
Ah! It is like that. But there is no need to be sad.
Hold in your heart the oath of the mother dakinis.
We must respect the lord Padma’s command.

May the sublime three jewels and guardians bless the congenial
friend so that our wishes may be fulfilled.

Source: Holly Gayley, Inseparable Across Lifetimes: The Lives and Letters of the Tibetan Visionaries Namtrul Rinpoche and Khandro Tare Lhamo.