Yogini Project Membership

Since 2012 The Yogini Project has produced timely, elegant media on a series of media platforms revealing the feminine in Buddhist practice to a worldwide audience.  With the spiritual guidance and blessings of authentic teachers, the project has spread widely, with an occasional 2 million person reach a week for our media.  It’s a message whose time has come.

We are touching and transforming lives.

Granting exposure where it is needed, providing visibility and boosting confidence so that more Yoginis can arise in this time.  The world needs them.

Awakened Support

Grassroots Support Makes It Happen

Our media has been primarily produced by grassroots community support to date, through the global awareness of the project established through dynamic social media channels and select intermittent crowdfundraising campaigns.  This has been in combination with cyclic instances of significant donor support and grant awards.

90% of our media and projects to date have been community supported. You make the difference!

Our Yogini Membership platform has been our solution to meet the project’s growing media and platform needs.  Thanks to our in-house art gallery Dakini As Art, we are able to provide outstanding rewards.

You support goodness where it’s needed and receive sublime beauty in return.  As things should be.

This is a remarkable opportunity to be part of a vibrant mandala, joining us on this grand adventure of bringing visibly, genuinely empowered women into the eyes of the world – and for generations to come!

Being the change one wants to see in the world.

Join Today

On a simple, ground level…

Through 500 members of our global community – less than 1% of our 70,000 person+ social media following – supporting at as little as $10/month, all our current and base media project needs may be met.

Whether humble or grand, your support makes a difference.  The benefit happens.

One Vajrayogini Level $250/month membership counts as 25 $10 members towards our 500 member goal.

If one is inspired and able, do consider supporting more for those who wish to do so but are not yet able to in their current context.