Great Bhagavati Arya Tara,
Dispel all the defilements of myself and all sentient beings.
Lead us to achieve enlightenment swiftly.
In our lifetimes may we experience favorable circumstances.
May outer and inner obstacles to enlightenment,
Such as disease, untimely death, nightmares, bad omens and fears, be dispelled.
May our minds turn to the dharma.
Force us to be diligent, compel us see your face.
Provoke us to realize shunyata, the ultimate Bodhicitta.
Cause our rebirth in the realm of Amitabha.
How beautiful you are!
How powerful!
How infinite!
May we become like you.
Through this supplication, wherever we may be,
May there be no poverty, famine, or disputes.
May the dharma prevail.

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche composed this ode to Tara on April 3, 2017