From the billowing cloud of your compassion
Resounds the thunder of teachings sweet to hear,
Seizing disciples in a rain of eight branches;
To she the wise in raining [teachings] I bow down.

Ocean-like treasure of qualities who sees all things
Who can describe you as you really are?
For your unimpeded mind possesses ten powers.
To she gone to the end of knowledge I bow down.

Although having found peace she is moved by compassion
And with arms of compassion quickly carries [to peace]
The beings sinking into an ocean of misery.
To she gone to the end of compassion I bow down.

Her activities of pacifying, increasing, overpowering and destroying
Like tides of the ocean pause not for a moment
But spontaneously roll on in an unbroken flow.
To she gone to the end of action I bow down.

Merely by remembering her feet one is protected
From the eight terrifying agents and evil ghosts
And from terrors such as obstacles to liberation and omniscience;
To she gone to the end of power I bow down.

~ Excerpt from A Crown Ornament for the Wise
A Praise of Green Tara by Gyalwa Gendun Drub, the First Dalai Lama

Image of Green Tara by Soyolmaa Davaakhuu,