Homage to the lama!
Outwardly, you are Sarasvati, the daughter of Brahma,
Inwardly, you are the youthful lady Tara,
Secretly, you are the innate Vajravarahi,
You who embody them all — dakini of the Lakar family — may you reign supreme!

The great master of Orgyen knows all past, present and future, and with his vajra words
The revealers of the terma treasures, those universal kings of realization,
Have praised you in their predictions, undisputed,
As the emanation of Shelkar Dorje Tso* — and so to you I pray!

Just as they foretold in their vajra prophecies,
You joined Padma Yeshe Dorje**, supreme embodiment of skilful means,
As the consort symbolizing wisdom and emptiness —
Lady of great bliss, granter of the four joys, to you I pray!

Moved by a devotion so deep that I perceive lama and consort as indivisible,
From the core of my heart I pray: on such a person as me
Grant your blessings, so that the bliss-emptiness of candali is invoked,
And the blissful warmth and wisdom are set ablaze!

Through the blessings of such a prayer as this,
May my mind be turned towards the Dharma,
May Dharma progress along the path, and, as delusory appearances
Are purified into wisdom, may I come to master the bodhicitta supreme!

In this and all my future lives, hold me in your compassion!
At all times and in any situation, grant me your blessing, I pray!
For in this life, the next and in the bardo state,
O Jetsünma, there is no other source of hope for me but you!

~ Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche

When the supreme Khandro Tsering Chödrön was absorbed into the expanse of primordial purity, the youthful vase body, one who joyfully seeks her protection, Orgyen Tobgyal, made this prayer of whatever came into his mind and then, some days later, had it inscribed on a sheet of white paper.

* – Shelkar Dorje Tso was a consort and disciple of Guru Rinpoche, who attained realization and miraculous abilities, such as the power to fly through the sky.
** – The secret name of Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö, which he received from Dodrupchen Jikme Tenpe Nyima during an empowerment of Rigdzin Düpa.

Source: Lotsawa House.

Photo: Jurek Schreiner.