Prayers to Sera Khandro

Magical emanation of triumphant noble females –
Dewé Dorje – to you I pray!
With your care in this life, future lives and in the bardo,
May our wishes be accomplished according to the Dharma.


* * *

Principal of all three-kaya ḍākinīs – Vajravārāhī,

Manifesting in magical wisdom form as the yoginī,

Kunzang Chönyi Wangmo – to you I pray!

Holding us inseparably in this life, future lives and in the bardo,

May we perfect realization of luminosity, the fundamental nature,

And thereby awaken as Samantrabhadra within primordial purity!

Composed by the Central Tibetan woman Dekyong Wangmo. May there be virtue!


sera-khandro-redSera Khandro’s short autobiography, exceedingly rare by a Tibetan woman, is featured here by Lotsawa House:

The Excellent Path of Devotion: An Abridged Story of a Mendicant’s Experiences in Response to Questions from Vajra Kin


A shorter synopsis of Sera Khandro’s life by Sarah Jacoby, author of Love And Liberation on Sera Khandro, may be read here, courtesy of Treasury of Lives.

May this great female treasure revealer and all of Yeshe Tsogyal’s emanations continue to benefit beings in all directions, without bias.


Prayers courtesy of Lotsawa House.
Second prayer by Sera Khandro herself, translated by Christina Monson.

A visit to the house is highly recommended.


*Image: Yeshe Tsogyal (the source emanation of Sera Khandro)

Source: The Many Lives of Yeshe Tsogyal by Holly Gayley at Lion’s RoarDisplayed there by the kind permission of his eminence Namkha Drimed Rinpoche.