Dakini As Art

Dakini As Art is a daughter project of The Yogini Project focusing on the inner aspect of the Dakini.

After our initial several years focusing on the outer aspect of the Yogini in Buddhist practice . . .

In her many forms… the time came for dynamic media on the Dakini herself. 

As she manifests in and ‘as’ art.

This is an essential part of the initial vision for The Yogini Project and its effect in the world, and is a distinct project in itself – with clear purpose, energy, and function – as much as it is intrinsic to the larger Yogini Project mandala.


The intent:

With an eye on dakini energy as the ineffable energy that infuses creativity in every moment, we have long had an eye on focusing on artists’ whose art emerges from practice, inquiry and engagement in the open question of Dakini energy.

Focusing initially on visual artists, dancers, and musicians creating in new forms and mediums, we also feature galleries on traditional thangka art highlighting female deities and dakinis in meditational paintings.

Presently featuring over 27 dharma artists around the globe, Dakini As Art has been an extraordinary support to The Yogini Project and its media projects, with almost $100,000 is art sales over the last 3 years.

Dakini As Art events with performances, art exhibits, screenings, talks and forums are presently in development and will be produced at locations around the globe during filming over the next 2 years for Dakini Song.


* Top image: Green Tara” by Soyolmaa Davaakhuu
* Bottom:  Kurukulle (Detail C) by Images of Enlightenment