Dakini As Art

Dakini As Art, a creation of The Yogini Project, focuses on the inner aspect of the Dakini, and how she manifests as creative energy through art.

The Intent:

Highlighting dakini energy as the ineffable energy that infuses creativity in every moment, Dakini As Art was founded with an eye on focusing on artists’ whose art emerges from practice, inquiry and engagement in the open question of Dakini energy.

Along with this intent, was that to tangibly support practitioning artists and the activities of The Yogini Project.

Focusing initially on visual artists, dancers, and musicians creating in new forms and mediums, the galleries features as well a prominent Nepali thangka collective, finding a balance between contemporary and traditional, exposure and support.


Simultaneous with supporting practitioning artists, the Dakini As Art galleries serve as an ongoing source of support for the activities of The Yogini Project.

Founded as a sub-project of The Yogini Project in 2014, Dakini As Art has served as a vital line of support for TYP’s activities.  Now an external project, DAA still continues to support The Yogini Project to the same degree.  25% of art sale proceeds go to TYP to fund its film projects and ongoing online media and interview series.

Dakini As Art events with exhibits, performances, screenings, talks and forums are presently in development and will be produced at locations around the globe during filming over the next 3 years for TYP’s feature film project Dakini Song.


* Top: Green Tara” by Soyolmaa Davaakhuu
* Bottom:  Kurukulle (Detail C) by Images of Enlightenment