Dakini Song

“This is the documentary so many of us are longing to be touched by. Absolutely brilliant!


DAKINI SONG is an inspiring film evoking the beauty and challenges of the path of meditation as practiced by women around the world.

Featuring 30 women in 20 countries on five continents, DAKINI SONG weaves a diverse array of stories of real women exploring the ways in which working with the natural depths of mind assists in living a life free of conceptual overlays. It is a contemporary song of liberation, an untold story occurring among women everywhere.

From an English woman 12 years in retreat in a cabin on a stormy isle off of Scotland to a filmmaker mother in Buenos Aires to a teacher in Australia, the film will reveal the intertwining motifs — the shifts of view and purpose of living — that run as undercurrents in these women’s lives.  Capturing nuances of place and character and how these influence the ways that the path of meditation unfolds for these women, the film will explore common elements that run through each of their lives.  Highlighting their motivations, we will delve into what significant life events led each woman to meditation.  The film will likewise illuminate how each of these women discover their own unique expressions in the process, in ways that positively affect others.

As the film interweaves the lives of these remarkable women, their stories will be interspersed with interludes of instruction by several influential Buddhist teachers on primary points of meditation practice such as insight, compassion, the significance of female archetypes such as Tara, and practice as everyday life. 

The significance of women empowering themselves through meditative realizations in today’s increasingly unbalanced world cannot be understated, nor undervalued, in any walk of life. 

DAKINI SONG is a film telling a story whose time has come and has been a long time coming — the story of women awakening through developing their own innate potential in dedicated meditation practice in greater numbers than ever before.



“I can’t imagine a better project to contribute to the evolution of humanity in this moment, and I’m excited at the potential of deeply exploring the revered topic of the dakinis.”

~ Kat Mills, Filmmaker

* Sky Dakini painting by Tenzin Norbu Dolpo.