Dakini Song

“This is the documentary so many of us are longing to be touched by. Absolutely brilliant!


A poetic documentary evoking the beauty and challenges of the path of meditation as practiced by women around the globe, Dakini Song’s intent is to illuminate the value of applying the wisdom of meditation in every moment, and the capacity of any woman in any context to do so.

Dakini Song will be filming 50 women on five continents applying meditative wisdom to their minds and lives in the very moment in which they find themselves.  It will weave through the diverse array of characters and stories of real women and explore the ways in which the practice of meditating on the natural qualities of mind is illuminating and transforming their lives.  From an English yogini 12 years in retreat in a cabin in the windy, rainy isles off of Scotland to a mother of three in Buenos Aires to a hospice worker in Berlin to a nun in New Zealand to a translator in the mountains of Spain, the film will reveal the intertwining motifs — shifts of view and purpose of living — that run as undercurrents in these women’s lives.  Evoking the nuances and flavors of place and context and how these inform the ways in which the path of meditation unfolds for these women, the film will explore common elements that run through their diverse lives — what drew them to the dharma and meditation, what their aspirations are, how their practice expresses itself and influences others. 

A primary intent of the film is exploring and poetically evoking a series of questions:  What is the value of women in significant meditation practice for the world?  What is the impact of the growing number of women accomplishing these millennia-tested practices to a greater extent than ever before upon society at large and for generations to come?

The film will interweave the stories and lives of these remarkable women with interludes of instruction by some of the foremost female teachers in the world today on primary points of Buddhist practice such as insight, compassion, the nature of mind, the significance of Buddhist female archetypes such as Tara, and practice as everyday life.  The very subjects that are approached and enacted by these diverse women warriors.  These will be interspersed with dramatizations of key moments of the lives of some of the first Western women to study and practice Buddhist meditation, meeting the first great Tibetan masters to leave Tibet, illustrating how these moments out of the limelight created the seeds that grew into the widely accessible encounters with meditation that are occurring for women everywhere today.

Dakini Song is a film telling a story whose time has come, and has been a long time coming.

The story of women awakening in greater numbers than ever before by developing their own innate potential through dedicated meditation practice, discovering their own unique expressions in the process.  It is a film that will evoke a thread that weaves through the lives of all these women connecting them and shining a light on ways in which that thread will slowly change the world.  The film will reveal the value of practice as these women are discovering it in tangible ways. In this way, it will illuminate the great importance of female meditators who embody the fruits of this practice, and how they benefit us all.

With great auspiciousness this film is coming together fantastically, swiftly by the grace of the dakinis.  We are launching a 27x Donate 108 Campaign til April 10th to meet part of funding needs during the crucial grant proposals stage. Please support today and be part of the dakinis activity bringing this unprecedented film into the world!

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Pre-production is almost complete now, having:

* researched subjects and locations for 37 women on 5 continents,
* received pith advice from teachers and advisors,
* gathered our film team,
* and developed and matured our treatment and distinctive approach and style

We have just a few more critical pre-production elements to complete to start filming come this June. To support this film, securely Donate 108 or more today.

Look for a new Dakini Song website coming soon in spring 2019.

“I can’t imagine a better project to contribute to the evolution of humanity in this moment, and I’m excited at the potential of deeply exploring the revered topic of the dakinis.”

~ Potential Dakini Song film crew

* Sky Dakini painting by Tenzin Norbu Dolpo.