The Yogini Archives: A New Project Is Born

The Yogini Archives are online streaming videos of unprecedented interviews with some of the foremost women in Buddhist practice in our times.

The Yogini Archives are . . .

It became very clear when we started filming and conducting interviews in Asia for our then titled film “Women On The Path,” even within the very first weeks conducting interviews in Nepal in February 2015, that we were doing more than just making a film.

We were creating an unprecedented archives of interview footage of the wisdom, insights and compassion of significant women in practice around the globe, from both traditional to contemporary contexts.  And that the footage for this spontaneously arising Archives had immense value, and was to be seen in whole.  We committed then to making The Yogini Archives for viewers to immerse themselves in longer to full interview footage with the many women we interview both as part of our featured accomplished yogini interview series and as extended filming for our film Dakini Song and more.

Since early 2019, many of the first series of releases to the Archives have been released in full to our Yogini Channel at YouTube for wider distribution. Subsequent interview releases from 2019 on will be released as ‘pre-releases’ to The Yogini Archives for access by subscribers or active TYP supporters by access code for the first 30 days.  Following this, they will be released to the general public, either at the Archives or the Yogini Channel, for whoever may benefit.

Subscribing to the Archives at Vimeo, or supporting as a one-time or monthly recurring donor at our site supports the perpetuation and extension of these unique interviews that may have transformational impact for practice for our times.  May more women realize fully, swiftly!

Kelsang Wangmo

The Yogini Archives was launched in January 2016 with our premiere release – 

Ani Choying Drolma
plus a bonus interview with the Arya Tara Nun vajra dancers.

Arya Tara 34

See all releases at The Yogini Archives.

Top image:  Geshema Kelsang Wangmo, Dharamsala, India, April 2015. 

Bottom:  The Arya Tara Nuns, Arya Tara School, Pharping, Nepal, February 2015.