The Yogini Fund

The Yogini Project’s media projects are a spearhead to raise awareness of the blossoming of the feminine in practice occurring in the world today.

And yet, it is only female practitioners that can make a growing number of realized Yoginis in the world a reality. It is individual women who do this, one by one.  We are here to support.

To this end, we are establishing our Yogini Fund to financially support individual women in retreat – both short and long term – at retreat centers worldwide.

Our primary Yogini Fund is dedicated, as above, to individual women in retreat.  Further specialty funds will be created in following years as our primary Yogini Fund is seeded with an initial $50,000 distributed annually.

These include:

A Yogini Research Fund: To support scholars/researchers in specific research and book projects filling in gaps in coverage of the feminine in dharma.

A Specialty Yogini Fund: To support exemplary needs for support by accomplished practitioners, translators and individualprojects supporting the feminine in dharma.

A Single Mother’s Fund: To support single mothers with both retreat costs and childcare for short teachings and periodic personal retreats.

The Yogini Fund is in its preliminary stages of development.  It is set to be launched as our film DAKINI SONG premieres in film festivals in 2021 for heightened exposure.  The intent is to raise awareness on a broader scale of the vital importance of women realizing through sustained retreat in today’s world.

* Image of Dechen Paldron and young yoginis, Gomde Austria, 2014.  Photo by Chris Zvitkovits.