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The Yogini Project website is an evolving online hub on all media and activity of the spectrum of the feminine in practice today.  With opportunities and actual practice by women around the world in unprecedented numbers, her time has come, and she is blossoming.  A long awaited and necessary portal of recognition and praise of her many forms, and how these are arising in new contexts as the Buddhadharma spreads.

Ongoing research on present day teachers, wisdom dakinis of the past and present, and the many non-hierarchical forms in which women in practice manifest; supportive organizations; Buddhist women in book and film; and more are all ongoing being revealed.

The treasure trove on the feminine in practice that this site offers in depth only continues to grow.

The Yogini Channel

The Yogini Project’s YouTube channel which presents all of our exclusive on-camera interviews with significant and accomplished female teachers of the day.

Special selections and clips from our subsequent growing full interview series at  The Yogini Archives  at The Yogini Archives continue to be previewed and featured at The Yogini Channel.

Translations of many of our initial media features are ongoing – presently in French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese – integrated as captions into our YouTube videos.

As the blossoming of the feminine in practice is a global phenomena, we are committed to have our media coverage of this to likewise be accessible to as many as possible.  International phenomena, international accessibility.

Visit The Yogini Channel.

The Yogini Project Social Media

The Yogini Project extraordinarily active and globally magnetic Facebook page continues to be a primary entry point for many to the project and its activities.  With over 70,500+ likes and a weekly reach ranging from 50,000 to 2.6 million+ views, TYP vastly reaches women and men in appreciation and support of the feminine in practice all over the globe.

Features and posts on inspirational women, past and present, and the Wisdom Dakinis that bless all beings, as well as project updates and spotlights on organizations and individuals instigating positive change are primary focus with this page.  Follow here!

Our blossoming Instagram channel likewise is a unique dynamic media portal of the awakened and awakening feminine, in magnetizing image and word.
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All the content from our dynamic page are automagically posted via our Twitter channel simultaneously where they continue to get ongoing attention of the global online community, whether individual practitioners or major Buddhist organizations and publishers.

May every activity through every channel continue to be of benefit, expanding awareness of the Yogini in all directions.