Sky Dancer Released

The full film of Sky Dancer by Jody Kemmerer has now been released to Culture Unplugged.  Catch this wonderful opportunity to glimpse into the quality and life of dakini in Tibet, Khandroma Kunzang Wangmo.

Sky Dancer is a film about the daily life and teachings of one of Tibetan Buddhism’s great female masters. In a world where ethnic and political tensions are driving people apart, we are transported to a community where Chinese and Tibetan students study together and are treated as equals. Khandroma Kunzang Wangmo the matriarch and spiritual leader of a remote area on the Tibetan plateau is one of very few women ever to receive a position of power in Tibetan Buddhism. Even more rare, she is the descendant of two extremely significant and highly respected masters of Tibetan Buddhism. The film is an inside look at the daily life and journey of this extraordinary woman who was a living example of wisdom and compassion in a world that so often seems to be lacking genuine examples of both.

Watch the full film here at Culture Unplugged



* We gratefully thank kind members of our Yogini community in Brussels, Aurélie Louve and Yangchen Tsomo, for spotting this and passing on the link to us at Culture Unplugged.

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