Khachodling: Land of the Blissful Dakinis


Khachodling is the life’s work of spiritual training and activity for Khandro Thrinlay Chodon, great granddaughter of Drubwang Shakya Shri.

It has manifested in a series of projects that are united by a strong spiritual purpose.

“The word ‘Khachodling’ holds a deep spiritual meaning for me. Simply stated it is the place where the heart essence of wisdom, known as the feminine principle in Buddhism, is nourished and respected. Compassionate Action flows unceasingly from this source. Literally translated from the Tibetan, this is a ‘land of the blissful dakinis’.

Khachodling, this vision – my life’s work, is an offering to the wisdom of my great masters. It is a goal-less journey.

I am not quite sure from where it came and where it is leading. But I do know that, myself and Khachodling have always been blessed by my precious masters, and these blessings will always continue.”

~ Khandro-la