(‘Green Tara’ by Tatiana Krijanovskaya)

 “Green Tara’s color symbolizes activity and success. Although she possesses the same qualities as other manifestations of the omniscient ones, she specifically embodies the enlightening influence by which the Buddhas act to benefit and guide us.

In addition, she represents the purified aspect of the element of air, which activates growth in the world. Just as the air element generates the growth of green plants, which consequently brings the uplifted spirit of springtime after the dreariness of winter, Tara’s enlightening influence makes our good qualities bloom and leads us to the freshness of liberation after the oppression of cyclic existence.

Lush green plants that grow easily are a farmer’s delight. Similarly, her green color represents success–in worldly affairs as well as in spiritual development–giving us a sense of delight, hope, and optimism. Aspirations made in the presence of Green Tara may easily grow into results, and requests made to her may be quickly actualized.”

~Thubten Chodron, “How to Free Your Mind: The Practice of Tara the Liberator”