The Yogini Project, Autumn 2018

YOGINI PROJECT NOW - AUTUMN 2018 The Yogini Project is expanding.  After 7 years of groundbreaking media releases in support of women in Buddhist practice, including significant short films and extensive interviews and inspiration of millions…

The Nagi Gompa Nuns

On The Nagi Gompa Nuns “For me, the most inspiring thing about the Nagi nuns is that they are always practicing.  Whatever activity it is they are doing around the nunnery, the more time that I would spend with them the more I could…

New Positions at The Yogini Project

New Positions at The Yogini Project From April 15th - May 5th, we will be accepting online applications to join The Yogini Project content team.  There is one position for Content Director and one for Content Team.  Responsibilities will…