TYP: 2018 Year In Review

The Yogini Project 2018 - A Year In Review What an extraordinary year it has been, one of the fullest journeys for the project so far.  It was really a foundational year, and while perhaps not outwardly visible as much, one of the most significant…
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An Invite To Support TYP

GivingTuesday is a global day of giving inviting individuals to free their generosity and create positive change on a global scale We gently invite you to support The Yogini Project, Giving Tuesday 2018 The Yogini Project supports…

The Song of Niguma

The wisdom dakini known as Nigupta, illustrious Narotapa’s sister, was a self-manifest yogini, a powerful lord bodhisattva on awakening’s tenth stage, who received direct instruction from Conqueror Vajra Bearer. She sang these vajra verses…