Practicing For A Realized Death

"Not only great teachers die enlightened deaths. Gisela had been through two rounds of melanoma, and the doctors finally told her there was nothing more to be done. At seventy-five, she had been a committed student of meditation for many years…

Cutting Through To The Groundless Ground

Cutting through to the groundless ground, drinking the nectar of the deathless discovered at the heart of life and death. Vajrayogini, reveal your face to all those shaken to their very ground!  

How Dakinis Die II: Thigles

HOW DAKINIS DIE II: KHANDRO PEMA DECHEN “This adept was born in Kongpo, Central Tibet. From the time of childhood she was fully inspired by Dharma and Guru Padmasambhava. At the age of sixteen, she married a great adept, Thrulzhig Pawo…

How Dakinis Die

Emaho!!  Wonderful phenomena around the passing of Sangyum Rikzin Wangmo (consort of the late HH Dudjom Rinpoche). From Saraswati Bhawan's "How Dakini's Die": "There’s been a lot of interest in the passing of Shiva Rinpoche in Nepal,…