A Prayer To Kurukulle

Prajnaparamita, mother of the three times victors, Arya Tara, liberator of all beings through compassion, magnetizer of the three realms through passion, With one face and four arms, the clear color of ruby red, Through your smiling…

A Devotional To Goddess Kurukulle

Homage to You: Queen of the Full Moon who dwells in darkness and emerges from light. Through my body, speech and mind, I give homage to You, the One of the skull garland. Without doubt and hesitation I bow down before You!! Oh Terrible…

Homage And Praise To Kurukulle

Homage and praise to her who serves the aim of beings by understanding, by unwavering deeds and constant changelessness, to the one-headed four-armed one, who is as brilliant as a thousand suns radiating red light. Homage and praise to…